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Feel free to call our locksmith company 24/7 if you need to rekey locks in Oshawa urgently. Lost the house key? Someone stole your office key? In such events, you need to be sure that no one will open your door with the key. What you need is to render the original key useless and be able to operate the existing lock with a brand new key. Without changing the lock. What our Oshawa Certified Locksmiths do is change the pins of the lock. This will ensure that the lock will now work with another key.Rekey Locks Oshawa

We offer affordable lock rekey service

The idea of lock rekey is smart and effective. Since you don’t have to change the entire lock but only the pins, the service doesn’t cost much. As long as the existing lock is still resistant, sudden problems with missing keys are handled this way. Our tech will come not to offer key replacement but change.

With key change and the lock rekeyed, you will be sure that you are the only holder of your property’s key. So call us to rekey your locks when the key is lost and stolen, but also when you move, your co-tenant moves out, you get a divorce, or an employee is fired. You don’t want anybody having your key. And we make sure they don’t by responding quickly to change the key and rekey the lock.

Our locksmiths have the skills to rekey locks

Whether this is an emergency or scheduled service, count on our skills to rekey locks. Our tech comes prepared to change the pins and their configuration. If you wish to change the pins of multiple doors so that they will all operate with one key apart from their own, you can also trust our expertise in creating a master key system.

Our locksmith offers all sorts of security solutions at the best prices in Oshawa, Ontario. You can trust us to come quickly and rekey locks in Oshawa either to prevent a burglary or ensure improved key management and access monitoring with a master lock system. Whatever you need, we are here to help. Call our company today.

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